Q-Horse Software offers finished solutions, enabling placing and processing orders, reporting, as well as assigning employees or resources to specific projects.

Our standard products ensure effective management of projects, planning assignment of human and material resources as well as smooth processing and realization of orders.

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We also design software to order, adjusted to specific and individual client’s requirements. Q-Horse Software develops unique and tailor made projects and supports its client during

implementation and afterwards.

Our specialists design projects in the form of additional modules for already existing applications, this way significantly decreasing the company’s costs. We also build dedicated systems from the very beginning to satisfy all of the specific client’s expectations.

The process of software development usually composes of the following steps:
• defining client's needs
• preparing technical and functional specification
• presentation of the prototype solution which enables testing and adjusting project to the actual needs
• system implementation
• training sessions for employees
• support and counseling services

During implementation and exploitation of the Q-Horse Software systems we provide assistance and introduction of necessary modifications and improvements to fulfill client's changeable requirements. We believe that close cooperation and reliable communication is the key to success.

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