Q-Analyse is univerasl tool allowing to easily analyse data contained in ERP system (Comarch OPT!MA or others). It analyses realtime data from your database and print reports.
It works in two modes, depending on your needs. To be execute and print analyses you only need one version.

Desktop application
Application integrated with ERP system's database. Allows to desing analyses, charts and paper reports. Projects are stored in database. You can run them, print, filter, and export them to popular formats (XLS, PDF, RTF, TXT, HTML).

Web application
WWW version gives possibility to access analyses and reports from your browser, without need to preinstall any extra software. You are also able to analyse data from outside of your company's network, without providing direct access to your company's database. Definitely a good choice for comapnies where many people are using analyses. User can export his output to popular formats (XLS, PDF, RTF, TXT, HTML).

Q-Analiza. PDF (Polish version)

Watch presentation - using and creating analyse (Polish version).

Watch presentation - creating report (Polish version).

Watch presentation aplikacji - www (Polish version).